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Who We Are

Paul Hamilton Roofing & Construction is Omaha's best roofing, siding, gutter, and window installation contractor. We are a family owned, general contracting firm specializing in exterior construction. We strive each day to earn and keep the trust of our customers, because we think trust is the most important factor when choosing a building contractor.

We handle commercial, government, and residential roofing, siding, gutter, and window installation projects. We handle new construction and replacement construction for all the above mentioned trades. We are also experts at dealing with insurers - about half of our business comes from residential insurance claims. So whether you are building new, looking to update and upgrade a current property, or have an insurance claim to restore a property, choose Paul Hamilton Roofing & Construction - A Name You Can Trust!

What We Do?

We are an exteriors contractor and we handle roofing, siding, gutters, and window installations. We handle repairs, but the vast majority of our business is in complete replacements and new installations. Our helpful representatives will answer any of your questions and help ease some of the anxiety about hiring a construction contractor. Whether your project is large or small, we can walk you through each step of the contracting process.

About half of our business is servicing residential insurance claims. We are experts at negotiating with insurers and insurance adjusters - all of which is done to ensure that our customers receive the most coverage they are entitled to under their respective policies. The remaining residential work we perform is with owners who are wanting to update and upgrade their existing property.

Our commercial work primarily comes from large building contractors and developers with whom we have established relationships with over the past years. With few exceptions, our commercial work centers around new construction and repair service of existing buildings. We are fully compliant with state and local laws, regulations, and ordinances, and we have a firm understanding of additional regulatory matters such as the Davis-Bacon Act, the FLSA, and other federal acts.

All of our government works comes through traditional public bid processes. We look to bid on public projects throughout the Midwest, including Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, and Colorado.

Leadership Team

Adam Johnson - Director of Paul Hamilton Roofing & Construction

Adam Johnson, J.D.
Director - Operations

Office: (402) 718-8034 x401
Direct: (402) 718-8036
Cell: (402) 708-5553
Email: Adam@PHroofs.com

Adam Johnson has spent several years in the world of contracting, both public and private. Mr. Johnson began his career in the legal field, first as an Account Manager for a litigation support firm based in Omaha, Nebraska, and then as a law clerk for Woods & Aitken, LLP, a construction law firm based in Lincoln, Nebraska. After graduating from Creighton Law school, Johnson joined the Paul Hamilton Roofing & Construction leadership team to help grow its commercial and government contracting business.

Mr. Johnson has extensive knowledge of public and private contracting, including solicitation, procurement, and administration. Johnson primarily handles the administration of PHC contracts, material and labor scheduling, and regulatory compliance. Mr. Johnson's knowledge, experience, and attention to detail will continue to serve PHC clients well in to the future.

Licenses & Certifications

Nerbaska Contractors Registration Certificate The State of Nebraska requires all building contractors to register with the state. Our Nebraska contractors registration number is 44513. Nebraska's contractor registration requirements help to ensure contractors are in compliance with state laws and gives the public a centralized location to lookup information on any contractor. Before you hire, check that your contractor is properly registered with the state, verify licensing information, and require a current liability insurance certificate. If the contractor is in compliance they will happily provide this information.
HomeAdvisor Seal of Approval We are a certified contractor with HomeAdvisor.com. HomeAdvisor performs compliance and background checks on all certified contractors and we are required to adhere to strict performance standards. You can view our HomeAdvisor.com profile here. Be sure to check up on contractors before you decide who to hire. If they are reputable, you will find positive reviews on sites like HomeAdvisor.com. Do business with a company you can trust, do business with Paul Hamilton Roofing & Construction.
BuildZoom Certified Contractor We are an approved, certified contractor with BuildZoom.com. BuildZoom ranks and rates all of the 22,706 building contractors in the State of Nebraska. We rank in the top 20% and you can view our BuildZoom.com profile here. BuildZoom is a another great, online resource where you can verify a contractor's prior work history, licensing, and customer reviews.
Thumbtack Approved Contractor We are a certified Gold member of Thumbtack.com. Thumbtack verifies the biographical and licensure data of its certified contractors. You can see our Thumbtack profile here. Don't trust unprofessional and unlicensed contractors. Instead, choose Paul Hamilton Roofing & Construction, a name you can trust!

Customer Testimonials

Name: Scott P.
Location: Omaha, NE
Project: Siding, Gutters, & Painting
I had Paul Hamilton Construction put new siding on my home. Whenever you deal with a contractor it can be a nervous time, but dealing with Bryan and his team has been a terrific experience. The new siding was installed and inspected and is absolutely perfect. I will use only them for any future construction needs on my home. I would not hesitate to recommend them to everybody.
Name: Nadine J.
Location: Waterloo, NE
Project: Roofing & Gutters
Very professional company, quality install crew and reasonable pricing. I would highly recommend Paul Hamilton Roofing
Name: Joe B.
Location: Blair, NE
Project: Roofing & Gutters
The team at Paul Hamilton did a great job. All work was completed very quickly and they even helped me get more things covered from my insurance than my adjuster initially included in the estimate. I will use them again.
Name: Danny H.
Location: Nickerson, NE
Project: Roofing, Gutters, & Siding
Their work is wonderful

About Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton Roofing & Construction is a family owned general contracting firm based in Omaha, Nebraska. We specialize in roofing, siding, gutters, and windows. Paul Hamilton Roofing & Construction - A name you can trust!

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