How Tom Cruise Was Convinced to Return For Top Gun: Maverick

July 6, 2022 0 Comments

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Top Gun: Maverick.,Director Joseph Kosinski reveals how Tom Cruise was convinced to return for
Top Gun: Maverick. The Hollywood A-lister revisits arguably his most iconic role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the new film several decades after the original film. Considering the glowing reviews for
Top Gun: Maverick, it seems it’s worth it.,It’s no secret that there was always an interest to make a
Top Gun sequel, but considering how beloved the 1986 Tony Scott film was, Cruise was justifiably careful with it. The actor has been open about wanting to make sure that they can live up to the quality of the original movie so it took them more than three decades to make
Top Gun: Maverick. As the director and former collaborator of Cruise in
Oblivion, Kosinksi knew what the Hollywood star was looking for that would ultimately make him agree into doing
Top Gun: Maverick.,Related: Where Is Meg Ryan In Top Gun 2,In a new interview with
Polygon, Kosinski reveals how he came up with the story for
Top Gun: Maverick and how he pitched it to Cruise. According to the filmmaker, the actor needed an emotional reason to revisit the role and so he focused on that with the incorporation of Goose’s (Anthony Edwards) death in the original
Top Gun. Kosinski also pointed out how interesting it would be to see what Maverick is doing now. Read his full quote below:,It makes sense that Cruise was apprehensive about doing another
Top Gun. While successful sequels aren’t non-existent, they are incredibly rare, so preserving the legacy of the 1986 film was important to him. In any case, there was really no need to do a sequel.
Top Gun could have been one of those one-off films that people generally love as it didn’t set up a follow-up and has a definitive ending. Still, the clamor for
Top Gun: Maverick was always there. Paramount and Cruise knew this. There was no doubt that the public would be excited to see Mitchell again more than three decades later. While the stunts and aerial scenes were always expected to be great given Cruise’s penchant for flying, Kosinski’s understanding of Maverick as a character is what ultimately makes the sequel the smash hit that it is right now.,Between
Top Gun: Maverick‘s box office success and glowing reviews, it’s safe to say that Cruise holding out on making the
Top Gun sequel was for the best. In addition to that, taking a risk on revisiting the IP this way was worth it. Hopefully, it doesn’t take another three decades for a
Top Gun 3. Unlike the first film, the latest sequel clearly opens up the door for a threequel which is presumably intentional on Kosinski’s part.,More: Where Is Kelly McGillis In Top Gun 2? Why Charlie Doesn’t Return,Source: Polygon