Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man Suit And Web-Shooters Now On Display

July 7, 2022 0 Comments

As seen at the
San Diego Comic-Con Museum’s brand new
Spider-Man exhibit, Andrew Garfield’s original 
Amazing Spider-Man suit and web shooters are now on display. Featured alongside a plethora of rare and valuable comics and movie props, the suit of the iconic Webslinger is prominently on display for fans to enjoy up close. Screen Rant was also in attendance on opening day, having been given the opportunity the capture some exclusive images from the new exhibition.,Since July 1st, SDCC’s Comic-Con Museum and its new exhibit 
Beyond Amazing is now open to the public. Located in Balboa Park, the Comic-Con Museum is only a short drive away from Hall H where SDCC annually hosts the biggest pop culture announcements from several major studios. However, the Comic-Con Museum is open daily with its new Spider-Man exhibit and will remain open until January 3rd. Co-curated by Professor Ben Saunders and Patrick A. Reed, the 
Beyond Amazing exhibition will also host Spider-Man’s induction into SDCC’s character Hall of Fame on July 20th (beating out Superman for the new honor).,Related: Andrew Garfield’s MCU Spider-Man Would’ve Avoided A Big Iron Man Issue,While the new Spider-Man exhibit features some of the Wallcrawler’s earliest comics such as a copy of 
Amazing Spider-Man #1 from Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, several props were loaned by Sony Pictures from across their three 
Spider-Man film franchises. As such, Andrew Garfield’s original suit from 2012’s 
Amazing Spider-Man was on display along with one of his web-shooters. Seen facing Dr. Curt Conners who transformed himself into the Lizard, Garfield’s original costume was essentially a prototype using spandex and various athletic wear to bring together his dynamic masked appearance.,While Andrew Garfield’s costume evolved in 
Amazing Spider-Man 2 to resemble a more classic look for Spidey, the first suit was certainly bold in its attempt to provide a more grounded style that would fit something a genius high schooler from Queens might realistically put together with limited resources. The same attempt was made with the web-shooters by making them look as if Peter has created them from watches, though Garfield’s web-shooters have certainly faced criticism (even from MCU Spider-Man actor Tom Holland).,At any rate, Garfield’s Spider-Man made his most recent appearance in 
Spider-Man: No Way Home where he teamed up with Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland’s Spider-Men in the MCU to stop a massive multiversal threat. While he was wearing his 
Amazing Spider-Man 2 costume in the third 
Homecoming film, it’s hard to deny the unique style that was his original
Spider-Man suit. Check out the new images from the
Comic-Con Museum’s new exhibit:,Spider-Man will be inducted into the Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame on July 20th. If you’re interested, please check out our other exclusive images and coverage from the SDCC Comic-Con Museum,More: Andrew Garfield Is Wrong: His Spider-Man Is The Best In No Way Home