Everything Everywhere Deleted Scene Reunites Michelle Yeoh With Noodle Baby

July 7, 2022 0 Comments

Everything Everywhere All at Once expands its wacky multiverse in a deleted scene featuring a Spaghetti Baby Noodle Boy. The Daniels’ (Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) feature film quickly became A24’s highest-grossing global release after glowing critic reviews and word-of-mouth drew both casual moviegoers and arthouse cinema fans into its absurd world.
Everything Everywhere follows laundromat owner Evelyn Wang, who gets dragged into a multiversal war between other versions of her family members and Jobu Tupaki, a nihilistic, evil version of Evelyn’s daughter, Joy.,Like 2022’s more mainstream multiverse blockbuster,
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,
Everything Everywhere finds its protagonists jumping between unique — and often bizarre — parallel universes. The A24 picture took this concept to much wilder places than the latest MCU entry, featuring Evelyn jumping to worlds containing people with hot dogs for fingers and one where a raccoon controls the motor functions of a hibachi chef, among others. The Daniels filmed so much outrageous content for the film that most of the remnants ended up on the
Everything Everywhere All at Once Blu-ray release.,Related: Everything Everywhere All At Once: Bagels & Googly Eyes Meaning Explained,One such exclusive moment, released by Lionsgate Pictures
, is dubbed the most absurd universe that the Daniels planned on visiting. In the unfinished deleted scene, which takes place during Evelyn’s mental break toward the middle of the film, she becomes a sentient piece of spaghetti and meets a talking elbow macaroni noodle. The Spaghetti Baby Noodle Boy calls Evelyn “mama” and speaks about “Throwing Day,” where noodles stick to the side of a wok and become men. The Daniels disclose that the scene took them a lot of time to make and that it was one of the toughest to cut out of the final product.,Click here to view the original video,Given that the Daniels filmed
Everything Everywhere in under 40 days, it is impressive to see how much distinct content exists. While much of it takes place in the physical world with some added CGI, limiting the crews’ need to create unique environments, the Spaghetti Baby Noodle Boy scene is entirely effects-driven. The food appears molded and held up by wires, with something controlling the Noodle Boy’s “mouth.” It is unclear why the Daniels cut the scene from
Everything Everywhere since it would have fit into the theatrical version of the film perfectly well. It may not have added much to Evelyn’s character development overall.,A living spaghetti noodle is one of Evelyn’s most interesting multiverse variants and possibly the most ridiculous. Unfortunately, that abject ridiculousness may have been the deciding factor in the scene’s exclusion. Most of the other universes contained relevant interactions between Evelyn and her existing family members, leading to integral character development, not made-up Noodle Boys. Still, the deleted scene should be an enjoyable watch for
Everything Everywhere All at Once fans who are yearning for more multiversal amusement.,More: Everything Everywhere All At Once Puts Marvel’s Multiverse To Shame,Source: Lionsgate Pictures