Azealia Banks Just Dragged Megan Thee Stallion For “Using” Cara Delevingne After She Cropped Her Out Of A Photo Following Her Bizarre Behavior At The BBMAs

July 12, 2022 0 Comments

On Sunday, Cara Delevingne stole the show at the Billboard Music Awards when her erratic behavior — both on the red carpet and during the actual ceremony — caught the attention of viewers.,Several of the model’s antics ended up going viral following the show, including her peering around a corner to watch Megan Thee Stallion as she posed for photographers.,Cara could be seen repeatedly ducking in and out of the shot while sticking her tongue out and shouting inaudibly. Eventually, she ran onto the carpet and grabbed the train of Megan’s dress to give the photos added movement.,As Cara tossed the train in the air, some believed that Megan looked irritated by the British star stealing her red carpet moment.,Cara and Megan were then seated next to each other for the show, with Doja Cat taking the seat in front. Cara was seen interrupting a conversation between the two, and also reacting very dramatically when Megan won the Top Rap Female Artist award.,After Megan’s name was announced, Cara leaned into Megan and stuck her tongue out while pulling a face. She then reached to grab the train of Megan’s dress again as the rapper made her way onto the stage to accept the award, but instead of throwing it into the air like before, Cara simply ran her hands down the fabric.,As the BBMA videos gained traction online, people began to share older clips of Cara behaving in a similar way at past events.,Earlier this month, Cara was spotted leaning in to apparently kiss Megan at a Met Gala afterparty, with Megan putting her hands on Cara’s shoulders and gently pushing her away in response.,A clip of even more uncomfortable moment between Cara and Azealia Banks at a Halloween party last year was then circulated.,In the video, Cara was seen going onstage and grabbing the mic from Azealia while she was mid-performance of her song “212.” Cara then spoke incoherently to the crowd before Azealia was able to take the mic back, after which Cara kneeled on the floor and began to touch and lick Azealia’s legs.,Her pattern of behavior around Megan, Doja, and Azealia sparked a wider conversation that prompted people online to accuse Cara of “fetishizing Black women.”,The model was called out for repeatedly making the other women “uncomfortable” with her lack of boundaries and respect for other people’s “personal space.”,Some claimed that Cara was exhibiting signs of trying to “upstage” Black women through her behavior, and called her out for “harassing” the other stars.,But Azealia has now jumped to Cara’s defense as she claimed that the model was actually just incredibly lonely and a victim of “fake friendships” and “intense jealousy,” mainly from her older sister, Poppy Delevingne.,A fan had tweeted at the rapper: “Can you please speak on Cara’s obsession with Black women, I’ll buy your perfume.”,Azealia replied: “Cara doesn’t have an obsession with Black women. It’s that upper crust English society full of fake white and jealous white hoes who were never as charismatic as she is that made fake friendships, tried sabotaging her every which way she moved and the intense jealousy of her older and extremely plain looking sister, Poppy, that always made Cara feel sad and lonely.”,“Poppy would always say mad backhanded slick shit and tell Cara’s business to people in the industry and I always remember Cara literally traveling the world completely alone 4 years,” Azealia continued, before revealing that she consequently took it upon herself to look out for Cara.,“Lots of English society/media took advantage of that, and there were plenty of times I would just hide Cara in my apartment for days at a time to make sure she got some deep sleep and some actual food and wasn’t just thrown out amongst the wolves like that,” she said.,“Everyone always wanted to use Cara for what they could get from her, and luckily for her – none of them got anything substantial,” Azealia went on. “Deep down I could tell she was (like me) so used to being told ur a bad person that she began to believe those things about herself and go out of her way to please people who saw her as an easy route to some fashion/British society clout… All of which they fumbled in the grand scheme of things.”,“Cara and I just did normal stuff like dress up like mermaids, smoke spliffs and take naps. That’s my girl thru and thru,” she concluded.,Azealia went on to lash out at Megan, who previously sparked speculation that she wasn’t comfortable with Cara’s BBMA behavior when she shared a fan-made edit of herself and Doja sitting together at the awards show.,Fans quickly noticed that Cara was in the frame in the original photo, but had been completely edited out of the version that Megan had shared. While some believed that Megan’s repost was a subtle nod to the commentary surrounding Cara’s antics, others argued that Cara was slightly blurry in the original snap so she may have actually been cropped out for that reason.,But in an insult-filled Twitter rant on Friday, Azealia appeared to suggest that Megan’s record label, Roc Nation, was using Cara to “push” Megan.,Azealia accused Megan of having “the nerve to shade Cara” as she claimed that Roc Nation “is ALWAYS trying to use Cara as a way to push their artists into the fashion world.”,“Cara is not your fashion bitch sis….” Azealia added, before concluding: “I’ve had enough of the Cara Delevingne pot shots. ENOUGH.”,While Azealia’s Twitter page doesn’t have a blue tick, she confirmed that it is her social media account on her verified Instagram page.,Megan has not publicly responded to Azealia’s remarks, and BuzzFeed News has contacted her representative for comment.