Thor: Love & Thunder Is Inspired By Romance Novels

July 14, 2022 0 Comments

Taika Waititi reveals that
Thor: Love and Thunder is inspired by romance novels. Marvel Studios’ next big-screen offering is just several weeks away from hitting theaters on July 8. As one of the first Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 movies announced,
Thor: Love and Thunder was delayed a few times like the rest of Marvel Studios’ full slate due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite a more difficult production, Waititi wrapped up the film in time. Still, due to the franchise’s packed schedule, marketing for the film didn’t start in earnest until April.,Despite two
Thor: Love and Thunder trailers already out, it’s still difficult to decipher what actually goes down in the film aside from a few narrative details that are already confirmed. These include Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor transformation and appearances by the Guardians of the Galaxy. While Waititi and everyone else involved in
Thor: Love and Thunder are mum about plot specifics, the director now opens up about some of the inspirations he had when making the new MCU film.,Related: Mighty Thor Explained: How Jane Foster Became Worthy To Wield Mjolnir,In a new conversation with
Wired, surprisingly, Waititi says that when writing
Thor: Love and Thunder, he approached it as a love story. In particular, the director cited the visuals for old romance book covers. Read the related excerpt from the interview below:,In the same interview, Waititi shared that he always wants to keep things interesting by doing something unexpected. The filmmaker didn’t get into specifics about how romance novels helped him crack the story for
Thor: Love and Thunder. That being said, with Jane Foster back in the franchise, it may be an indication that the romantic aspect of the blockbuster involves her and Thor getting back together. For what it’s worth, the
Thor: Love and Thunder trailers already revealed the pair’s awkward reunion, highlighting how badly they handled their split.,While the idea of a Thor and Jane love story fits well with
Thor: Love and Thunder being inspired by romance novels, it contradicts the idea that the movie is something unexpected. Waititi is known for trying things that have never been seen in the MCU and considering the success of
Thor: Ragnarok, it’s safe to say he has total creative control in his latest project. With this in mind, the romance aspect of
Thor: Love and Thunder may not involve Thor and Jane’s relationship at all. Perhaps it’s something entirely different that will shock viewers — hopefully in a good way.,More: Love & Thunder Trailer Secretly Hints At Thor’s Tragic Death,Source: Wired