Uma Thurman & Maya Hawke’s New Movie Can Prove Kill Bill 3’s Success

July 14, 2022 0 Comments

Uma Thurman and her daughter Maya Hawke will be starring together in the upcoming film
The Kill Room, which can give a glimpse at what
Kill Bill 3 would look like. While
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 was released back in 2004, the action-heavy Quentin Tarantino movie left an open ending that hinted at a return to the story in the future. Uma Thurman’s The Bride left a message for the daughter of Vernita Green that if she was still sour about her mother’s death when she grows up, she’ll be ready to fight her. Since then, Tarantino has had many requests for
Kill Bill: Vol. 3, where the biggest fan cast has been Maya Hawke as The Bride’s daughter, B.B.,While the movie boasts a Tarantino-esque cast with Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Maya Hawke,
The Kill Room will be helmed by
Friendsgiving director Nicol Paone, who is better known for her comedy projects.
The Kill Room is a dark comedic thriller that follows a hitman (Joe Manganiello), his boss (Jackson), and an art dealer (Thurman) in a money-laundering scheme. The situation accidentally makes the hitman an Avant-guard success, leading Thurman’s character to play “
the art world against the underworld.” The details of Maya Hawke’s character are undisclosed, but she’s expected to play a major role after her acclaim in Netflix’s hit series
Stranger Things.,Related: Why Kill Bill 3 Wouldn’t Be Tarantino’s Final Movie,The Kill Room will mark the first time that mother-daughter duo Uma Thurman and Maya Hawke—whose father is Ethan Hawke—have acted on-screen together, a pairing that has become increasingly sought-out since Hawke’s mainstream success. While
The Kill Room likely won’t have too much action on behalf of Thurman and Hawke, their pairing will prove whether or not the mother and daughter have the on-screen chemistry necessary for a
Kill Bill 3 return. Quentin Tarantino himself has suggested that he’d cast Hawke if
Kill Bill 3 happens, which would be a poetic continuation of the series considering Maya Hawke was the inspiration for B.B. to live in
Kill Bill 2, as he had spent significant time with her as an infant while writing the hit revenge movie. If Hawke and Thurman prove to be a hit pairing in
The Kill Room, it will prove whether they would be successful together playing The Bride and B.B. in
Kill Bill 3.,Since Quentin Tarantino remarked that casting Hawke would be exciting because he wants to see her and Thurman on-screen together as a team running from their enemies, it seems the chemistry between the mother and daughter is the most important factor for
Kill Bill 3’s success. As such,
The Kill Room wouldn’t have to require Hawke and Thurman taking on bad guys with katanas to prove that
Kill Bill 3 will work, but rather that their on-screen connection is extremely compelling. It’s unclear whether Hawke and Thurman will be playing mother and daughter in the upcoming movie
The Kill Room, but considering how much the two sound alike, it seems impossible to put them together in a film without also mirroring their real-life relationship. Nonetheless, putting them side-by-side in
The Kill Room with Samuel L. Jackson, one of Tarantino’s most frequent collaborators, can either increase the excitement or dissuade demand for the possible Tarantino sequel.,Following
The Kill Room, Hawke and Thurman would need to test out how well they fight together in a Tarantino-style action sequence. Hawke has already proven that she can take on the action and brutality required for
Kill Bill 3, as she’s been featured in
Stranger Things’ battle scenes as Robin – though she’s fighting supernatural monsters rather than a girl seeking vengeance for her mother’s death. While Thurman hasn’t starred in too many action-heavy movies since
Kill Bill 2, she’s been in talks with Tarantino over the years about returning to the role, suggesting she’d be able to slip back into The Bride’s fighting style with ease.
Kill Bill 3 likely wouldn’t happen for several more years if Tarantino greenlights it, but
The Kill Room will inevitably strike up interest for Hawke and Thurman to move into the iconic roles together.,Next: What Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair Changes About The Movies