Jurassic World Dominion Wastes A Key Part Of The Original Movie

July 18, 2022 0 Comments

Because of its story, 
Jurassic World Dominion risks wasting a crucial part of what makes the original
Jurassic Park movie. The first two installments of the
Jurassic World spin-off trilogy mostly strike a good balance of maintaining the charm of the original
Jurassic Park, while differentiating itself enough to be able to become something new. However, the info that has been released so far about the third movie suggests that 
Jurassic World Dominion is at risk of wasting the franchise’s most significant element.,The trailer for 
Jurassic World Dominion shows just how much the world has changed from the original 1993 movie. The mass release of dinosaurs at the end of 
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom allows the franchise to deliver on the promise implied by its title change, expanding from a single park to a whole world. Dinosaurs are now out in the wild, forcing humanity to learn to co-exist alongside them in
Jurassic World Dominion. But this plot development places the characters in a setting that is vastly opposed to the contained setting of the famous scenes from 
Jurassic Park.,Related: Jurassic World Dominion Timeline: How Long After Fallen Kingdom It’s Set,The most effective scenes in 
Jurassic Park are those where the main characters are being hunted by the dinosaurs in an enclosed space. For example, both the scene of Lex (Ariana Richards) and Tim (Joseph Mazzello) trapped in a car with a T-rex sniffing around for them outside and the famous scene of Lex and Tim being stalked by raptors in the kitchen is only so terrifying because the characters are trapped in a small space with seemingly no options for escape. The claustrophobic feeling adds tension to the scenes. Without the benefit of enclosed settings, 
Jurassic World Dominion will struggle to re-create the classic horror feel of
Jurassic Park.,With the world now being so open, 
Jurassic World Dominion has the opportunity to do things that 
Jurassic Park never could. The human characters will have a different, and possibly more interesting, relationship dynamic with the dinosaurs now that they are no longer their keepers. This shift in dynamic can already start to be seen in Owen Grady’s (Chris Pratt) affection for the dinosaurs. Additionally, this open world allows the franchise to finally address some of the bigger questions from the original about human-dinosaur coexistence and, as such,
Jurassic World Dominion‘s ending may bring the most fitting conclusion to the 
Jurassic Park franchise.,Although it is a fun idea to open up the world by having dinosaurs roaming free, it means the franchise loses an integral horror aspect. The magic of 
Jurassic Park is how it is able to mix sci-fi, adventure, and horror to create a wholly unique cinematic tone. While 
Jurassic World Dominion
 will be able to
 maintain the sci-fi and adventure elements, the decreased opportunity for claustrophobic settings shows that the franchise has largely moved away from horror altogether.,Next: Jurassic World 4 Needs To Completely Reinvent The Franchise (But How?)