MCU Thunderbolts Writer Reacts To Movie Announcement

July 19, 2022 0 Comments

Writer Eric Pearson reacts to the announcement that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 
Thunderbolts movie is officially happening. Marvel Studios is working on a massive slate of projects for Phase 4 and beyond. While audiences have long known about plans for movies like 
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and 
The Marvels, as well as Disney+ shows like 
Armor Wars and 
Secret Invasion, there are a variety of other projects in development. A 
Thunderbolts movie that brings together the MCU’s biggest villains and anti-heroes has long been rumored to be in development as part of Marvel’s secret plans.,Movement on a real 
Thunderbolts movie appeared to pick up in 2021 when reports surfaced that Marvel Studios was moving forward with plans to make it. This included a tentative plan for the film to begin production sometime in 2023, even though no writer or director was yet attached. The MCU 
Thunderbolts movie took a big step forward recently with the announcement that Jake Schreier will direct. It was also revealed that 
Black Widow‘s Eric Pearson is working on the script.,Related: MCU’s Thunderbolts Could Be A Secret Hawkeye Movie,Now that reports of the movie are all over the internet, Pearson reacted to the 
Thunderbolts announcement in a recent Instagram Story. He shared a screenshot of an article covering the development and wrote, 
“Guess we can finally talk about it!” This marks the first comments from someone directly involved with the movie. As a result, there should be no doubt that Pearson is writing 
Thunderbolts or that Schreier is attached to direct. See a screenshot of the 
Thunderbolts movie writer’s reaction below:,Pearson’s excitement to be working on a new MCU Phase 4 movie did not spill over into the writer revealing any spoilers. After working with Marvel Studios on 
Thor: Ragnarok and 
Black Widow, he is fully aware of the company’s policies. So even though Marvel Studios didn’t officially announce the 
Thunderbolts news themselves, it is quite clear that the 
Deadline report has opened the door for the movie to be openly discussed by those involved. Pearson and Schreier are the only creatives attached so far, as cast members have not yet been revealed either.,It appears Pearson will have roughly a year to finalize the 
Thunderbolts script before filming begins. That should mean that there will be an influx of news surrounding the MCU Phase 4 project in the near future. Marvel Studios has already set up characters like Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine (Julie Louis-Dreyfus), Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), and US Agent (Wyatt Russell) to be part of the movie. Confirming their involvement and the appearances of other characters, such as Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl), could be next as 
Thunderbolts continues moving forward.,More: Everything We Know About Marvel’s Thunderbolts Movie,Source: Eric Pearson