Shang-Chi Made Kill Bill’s Biggest Mistake (But Even Worse)

July 20, 2022 0 Comments

The martial arts skills exhibited by Kill Bill’s the Bride are incredibly impressive and insanely deadly, though when they are compared to those of Marvel’s Shang-Chi, the Bride is borderline amateurish. However, when the two found themselves in similar situations–with each of them making potentially fatal decisions–the Bride definitely had a leg up between them as Shang-Chi made Kill Bill’s biggest mistake, but even worse.,In the film Kill Bill written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, fans are introduced to the Bride who was an assassin working alongside four other hitmen, all of whom worked under a man known as Bill. When she faked her death and left the killer lifestyle, her former teammates tracked her down and presumably killed her. Against all odds, the Bride survived, though she fell into a four year coma. When she awoke, she began hunting the members of the hit squad that killed her family, including a killer whose code name was Copperhead. The Bride killed Copperhead, unintentionally doing so right in front of the woman’s daughter. The Bride left the little girl alive, telling the girl that if she grew up and wanted vengeance, then she would be waiting.,Related: Shang-Chi’s Hypocrisy Over Hulk Shows How the Avengers Corrupt Heroes,In the Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu #1 story “Once Upon A Time In Wan Chai” by Mike Benson, Tomm Coker, and C.P. Smith, Shang-Chi is battling a foe named Hou Li who tracked down the Master of Kung Fu after years of allowing vengeance to stew inside of him. Years ago, Shang-Chi killed Hou Li’s father, who was a mercenary sent to kill Shang-Chi. Now, Hou Li was all grown up and hunted Shang-Chi down to avenge his father’s death. However, Hou Li was not successful and actually proved to be no match whatsoever for Shang-Chi. Instead of killing him, however, Shang-Chi allowed Hou Li to live, telling him to train harder and track him down again when he’s more equipped to offer up a worthy challenge.,Shang-Chi let the son of an enemy he killed live, and told him to come find him when he was ready, just as the Bride did with the daughter of the woman she killed in Kill Bill. The difference, however, is that the Bride allowed a child to live, one who knew nothing of her mother’s former life as an assassin and who was caught in the crossfire of unfinished business. Hou Li, on the other hand, was already indoctrinated into the lifestyle of a killer, and wasn’t an innocent child that was given a chance at vengeance later in life, but a trained assassin who was in the middle of enacting his vengeance. By allowing Hou Li to live, Shang-Chi gave someone who was intent on killing him a chance to try again later–a move that could cost him his life.,Hou Li launched his attack against Shang-Chi and failed, so by all rules of combat, Shang-Chi had every moral freedom to kill him, but instead he gave him the same chance the Bride gave an untrained child. The little girl in Kill Bill may very well never become a trained killer to avenge her mother’s death, and the Bride’s act of mercy may never become her undoing. However, Hou Li already proved he was hellbent on killing Shang-Chi, and Shang-Chi letting him go almost assuredly means Hou Li will attack him again and potentially kill him. While Shang-Chi’s decision could be a costly mistake, it also speaks to his unparalleled skills in martial arts, that he isn’t worried about someone like Hou Li no matter how strong he gets, so letting him go is just as much an expression of his confidence as it is one of mercy. That said, putting his life on the line because of his own ego is still a risky move, which proves unequivocally that Shang-Chi made Kill Bill’s biggest mistake, but even worse.,Next: The Avengers Have Officially Decided Whether Shang-Chi is a Hero or Not