Bob’s Burgers Tina is Eleven in Funny Stranger Things Crossover Comic

July 22, 2022 0 Comments

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things season 4 part 1.,Tina Belcher takes a trip into Hawkins in some new Bob’s Burgers and Stranger Things crossover art. Though they have very little in common, the two TV shows recently shared a special date: May 27. That Friday marked the premiere of both Stranger Things season 4, part 1 and The Bob’s Burgers Movie, which finally arrived in theaters after delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Similar to Stranger ThingsBob’s Burgers has enjoyed immense success in its years on air, collecting a large fan base that has grown to love the Belcher family. The series’ dynamic characters are brought to life by a talented cast made up of H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Kristen Schaal, and Eugene Mirman.,Bob’s Burgers follows the Belcher family as they run their family business and get into all kinds of trouble. Bob (Benjamin) and Linda (Roberts) are most often found in their restaurant, while the kids – Tina (Mintz), Louise (Schaal), and Gene (Mirman) – deal with problems at school. Tina is the eldest child and has a puberty-driven obsession with butts and romance, but mostly butts. Her dire social skills often cause her problems on Bob’s Burgers, but Tina’s siblings are always there to help her through it.,Related: Bob’s Burgers Movie Just Made Louise’s Pink Hat Way More Significant,Tina gets a Stranger Things makeover in the latest comic by Nicericedesigns on social media. With a comical title change to ‘Stranger Butts’, Tina is imagined submerged in the same deprivation tank that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is trained in during Stranger Things season 4. As they delve into Tina’s psyche, the monitors depict a variety of her memories, and it appears there was only really one thing on her mind. Tina’s long-term crush Jimmy Jr. (Benjamin) also makes a surprising appearance as 001. Check out the comic below:,Click here to see the original post.,Stranger Things season 4, part 1 quickly became the show’s most viewed upon release and broke records for Netflix with 5.1 billion minutes of streaming time during its opening weekend. Eleven’s story across its 7 episodes has been hilariously depicted with Tina in the above post, but Stranger Things‘ reality is a bit more dire. On top of dealing with normal teen problems, Eleven has the fate of the world on her shoulders as the creatures of the Upside Down continue to bring about new threats. Stranger Things season 4 sees Eleven return to Papa/Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine), where they use the deprivation tank to help her recover childhood memories and, hopefully, her missing powers.,Nicericedesigns previously released a comic where Tina was, again, depicted as Eleven. In that comic, she was able to get revenge on her part-time bully Tammy with a roller skate, in the same way that Eleven did with Angela. The husband and wife artist team teases that there are more comics to come, hinting that Vecna will be taking his first victim soon. While Stranger Things has verged into a more horror-heavy genre, these hilarious comics still manage to match the comedy style so engrained in Bob’s Burgers. It’s an unexpected crossover, but one that seems to be yielding plenty of amazing content.,Next: Stranger Things 4’s Bullies Stupidly Break Seasons 1-3’s Rules,Stranger Things season 4, part 2 premieres Friday, July 1 on Netflix.,Source: Nicericedesigns/Instagram