Iron Man’s Clockwork Armor Proves He Needs His Own Spider-Verse

July 22, 2022 0 Comments

With his numerous armors and multiversal variants, Iron Man definitely needs his own Spider-Verse. This is particularly true when considering the Iron Man by Design variant cover series, such as the one done for Invincible Iron Man Annual #1. Illustrated by Genndy Tartakovsky, this armor deserves a closer look and a chance to be fully utilized in a series.  ,The Iron Man by Design initiative from 2010 placed Tony Stark in a variety of incredible new armors that took inspiration from various historic eras. From Egyptian and gladiatorial suits to Victorian and the hot rods of the 1950s, Iron Man has rocked some wild looks. Many of these looks may not appear practically functional, but they are certainly imaginative and impressive. As strange as they seem, they definitely deserve to have another moment in the spotlight.,Related: Iron Man’s Newest Suit of Armor Might Kill The Entire Marvel Universe,The variant cover for Invincible Iron Man Annual #1 illustrated by Genndy Tartakovsky is one of the silliest and most visually fun of the armors in the initiative. It presents Iron Man in a mechanical top hat, a rotund appearance, and a rather bulky silhouette. A swirling streetlamp stands behind him with a bird perched atop. The Iron Man cover is very imaginative, but it wouldn’t be likely for this suit to make a legitimate appearance in the hero’s typical adventures. However, there is a way that this armor, and several others, could make a comeback—by giving Iron Man his own version of Spider-Verse. ,Spider-Verse brought together multiple variants of Spider-Man, allowing some of the hero’s whackiest forms to play a legitimate role, including Spider-Ham. The Tartakovsky armor could easily rank with the whimsy of Spider-Ham. If Iron Man were to have an Iron-Verse, there’s no reason this alternate suit, and many other Iron Man suits, couldn’t play big roles and find ways of fitting in within a broader story. With so many armors and multiverse variants, many of Marvel’s heroes could have Spider-Verse‘s of their own, but Iron Man would be one of the coolest candidates considering how many suits he has been seen with. Marvel’s Dark Ages showed a way in which Iron Man’s armor could work with lesser technology, so there are infinite ways for the hero to present himself across the multiverse.,Tartakovsky’s work includes the creation of Dexter’s LaboratorySamurai Jack, the direction of Hotel Transylvania, and the development and direction of Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003-2005). He also worked on the 2016 Marvel comic series, Cage! which focused on Luke Cage. If that wasn’t enough, he also helped storyboard Iron Man 2. This Iron Man design is a far cry from Tony Stark’s usual appearance, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a worthwhile design. This, and several other Iron Man by Design variant armors, should definitely get another look within comics. However, their imaginative appearances would require a proper reasoning for returning and creating an Iron-Verse provides the best possible reason. If Spider-Ham can get a chance to shine not just in comics, but also in a full-length animated feature based on Spider-Verse, there’s no reason Genndy Tartakovsky’s Iron Man armor shouldn’t have a similar opportunity.,More: Iron Man’s Coolest Helmet Was Wasted On His Ugliest Armor