New Silent Hill Movie Update Shared By Director

July 25, 2022 0 Comments

Amidst rumors of a game reboot being in the works, director Christophe Gans has offered a promising 
Silent Hill
 movie update. The Konami survival horror video game franchise first kicked off with the eponymous 1999 title putting players in the shoes of author Harry Mason as he searches the titular town for his adopted daughter following a car crash. Subsequent 
Silent Hill entries explored a variety of characters as they find themselves trapped in the nightmare version of the town, confronted by monsters tied to their damaged psyches.,Thanks to the early success of the games, 
Silent Hill made its way to the big screen with a 2006 film co-written and directed by Gans, which primarily borrowed its plot from the original game and gender flipped its premise to focus on Radha Mitchell’s Rose Da Silva, while Sean Bean plays a similar character to Harry. The movie received mixed-to-negative reviews from critics, who praised its visuals and horror atmosphere, but criticized its muddled plot and overlong runtime. Despite this, 
Silent Hill was a box office hit, grossing over $100 million against its $50 million budget, spawning the 2012 sequel 
Silent Hill: Revelation, which scored worse reviews from critics and audiences alike but was still a modest box office success, grossing $56 million against its $20 million budget.,Related: The Borderlands Film Needs To Avoid What Ruined Silent Hill’s Movies,In recent interviews with 
Jeuxvideo and 
JeuxActu (via, Christophe Gans shared a new 
Silent Hill movie update. The original movie’s director revealed that he is still working on a new film adaptation of the game and is eyeing a 2023 release date for the project. Gans also shared he is working closely with Konami for the movie and that the game publisher is working on a reboot of the source franchise. See what Gans said below:,The reveal of a new 
Silent Hill movie getting in the works is sure to be met with division from fans of the video game franchise following the poor reception of 
Silent Hill: Revelation, which was criticized for its lackluster script, cheap feeling and poor adaptations of the games. Despite this, some may find a bright spot in the form of Gans being at the helm for the new 
Silent Hill movie, given the better reception to the first film and his devotion to adapting the games properly. Gans memorably spent five years trying to get the rights to the franchise for the original 
Silent Hill movie and even teamed with game composer Akira Yamaoka for the film’s score, indicating the new film to be in the hands of someone that cares for the source material.,It’s also interesting to note that Gans says his work with Konami also involves the publisher working on a new 
Silent Hill game. Fans of the franchise have cried out for years for a new installment in the survival horror series, namely after the infamous cancellation of 
Silent Hills that was to be helmed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, though Konami has primarily focused on pachinko machines based on the game, with recent rumors pointing towards new games and remakes getting in the works akin to Capcom’s work on the 
Resident Evil franchise. While audiences await further details on a new 
Silent Hill movie, they can revisit Gans’ original streaming on Starz now.,More: Every Video Game Movie & TV Show Adaptation In Development,Source: JeuxActu & Jeuxvideo (Via