Dandadan’s Hero Is Creating His Own Personal Hell (And Doesn’t Have To)

July 26, 2022 0 Comments

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Dandadan chapter 61!,Jump Comics’ Dandadan might be completely ridiculous, but the manga is currently entering into some pretty serious territory with the hero Okarun creating his own personal hell for reasons that amplify the series’ relationships.,Aside from highly imaginative battles, what initially made Dandadan stand out from Shonen Jump’s other action series was the incorporation of romance between Okarun and his close friend Momo Ayase. Now that dynamic is expanding into other territories with the incorporation of other characters, especially Jiji. Granted, Jiji’s initial purpose was to serve as an additional component to augment the series’ romantic moments. He’s Momo’s ex-boyfriend, after all, presenting an obvious problem for Okarun’s intentions with Momo. But that relationship soon blossomed into what’s fast becoming another highlight of a promising series.,Related: Shonen Jump’s Wildest Series Makes Jujutsu Kaisen’s Curses Much Weirder,The nuances of this love triangle took a compelling turn when Okarun recently agreed to honor Jiji’s desire to protect Dandadan’s Joker-Esque Evil Eye yokai that currently possesses him. By chapter 61 of Dandadan by mangaka Yukinobu Tatsu, Jiji’s friends and allies realize they can easily solve the overall problem by exorcising the Evil Eye from Jiji. And when they are about to, Okarun arrives from training and attempts to subdue the yokai. Although he fails in Dandadan‘s latest chapter and can no longer fight, Okarun tricks the Evil Eye into believing that he’s much stronger than him and refuses to fight more until the yokai gets more powerful. Eventually, they come to an agreement. In return for Okarun fighting the Evil Eye once per week, the yokai can’t hurt any of his friends or try to destroy humanity.,This is an incredible development since the situation could be solved by exorcising the Evil Eye. But because Okarun has come to care for Jiji, he is willing to bend over backwards, despite their romantic rivalry. Exacerbating the situation further is that the Evil Eye has proven to be much stronger than Okarun. Okarun gave everything he had to subdue the yokai, and although many of his attacks landed, it only resulted in exciting the Evil Eye. Meanwhile, Okarun had reached his limit. In other words, Okarun’s decision to honor his friend’s wishes has not only doomed himself to continually fight an enemy that can already easily kill him but has now inspired this same enemy to get even stronger than he already is, making his predicament even more hopeless, especially since he already underwent training during Dandadan’s attempt at fixing training arcs.,Of course, the personal hell that Okarun created for himself is also influenced by his desire to protect Momo. Earlier, when the Evil Eye broke free from Jiji’s control, the yokai almost killed Momo, and Okarun was affected by the fact that he couldn’t help her. His ability to convince the Evil Eye to only fight him, not only protects the world from potentially getting destroyed but keeps Momo safe from harm. Up until now, mangaka Yukinobu Tatsu has teased fans by meticulously restricting the romance between Momo and Okarun in Dandadan to adorable scenes of blushes and undisclosed shows of affection that could very well be nothing more than signs of a strong friendship. Now Okarun is expressing his love for Momo by endeavoring to protect her from harm by sacrificing himself. And the fact that Okarun is also motivated by his friendship and respect for Jiji only heightens this already highly nuanced dynamic further, yet proving once again that Dandadan is one of the most promising shonen series to come out in a long time.,Next: Berserk’s Skull Knight Origin Hints at Guts’ Dark Future,Look for the latest chapter of Dandadan now on Viz Media’s Shonen Jump app!